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Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine - PDF Version


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Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine - PDF

The 2nd edition of the best-selling text by respected authors Richard Lord, and J. Alexander Bralley.  Over 3800 citations make this book your evidence-based resource for the biochemical basis of chronic illness. A must-have reference for laboratory testing associated with nutritional and metabolic medicine.

This book can be your single source reference for the testing most used in your practice to identify candidates for nutrient interventions and to evaluate toxic or metabolic issues. Whether you want to review the significance of a single measurement, or to interpret complex multiple profile data, you can quickly find the information you need to design effective treatments.

What's Inside?

This 2nd Edition publication includes:

- 672 Pages
- 175 full color graphics and illustrations
- 80 + case illustrations
- More than 3800 citations

Chapters Include:

- Basic Concepts
- Vitamins 
- Nutrient and Toxic Elements
- Amino Acids
- Fatty Acids
- Organic Acids
- Gastrointestinal Function
- Toxicants and Detoxification
- Oxidant Stress
- Hormones
- Genomics
- Pattern Analysis
- Comprehensive Cardiovascular Health Risk Assessment
- Nutrient Evaluations Related to Standard Serum Chemistries
- Interactions of Drugs, Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Components

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