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dnalife™ Certification Course, Mexico City, February 22-24, 2019 ALL 6 Nutrigenomic tests included - EARLY BIRD OFFER - ENDS 22 JANUARY 2019


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dnalife® Certification Course 2 Days
Fee includes ALL 6 dnalife Nutrigenomics tests worth $725

Learning Objectives of the Course
Learn to understand and interpret genetic reports, and how to incorporate this knowledge into your practice
Overcome the effects of genetic variants with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations (Nutrigenomics)
Tailor your treatment protocols to become individualized and preventative, rather than generalized and reactionary
Utilise genetic tests in practice to the benefit of your patients, and understand which test is relevant (when and for whom)

Basics about DNA, genetics and health
Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
Single Nucleotide pPlymorphisms (SNPs) vs. mutations and deletions 
DNA Health®
• A Functional Medicine approach to cardiovascular
diseases and the impact of SNPs on
lipid metabolism
• Methylation and health
• Genes and detoxification functions
• Oxidative stress and health
• The impact of SNPs on cytokine production and
the management of uncontrolled inflammation
• The genetic influence on bone, joint and ligament
health and strength and vitamin D sensitivity
• The genetics of insulin resistance and obesity
• Genes and food responsiveness (lactose
intolerance, caffeine clearance, salt sensitivity)
DNA Diet
• A functional medicine approach to weight
• Absorption, fat storage and metabolism
• Regulation of metabolism, feeding behaviour, taste
sensitivity, addiction and overeating
• Insulin sensitivity and regulation of energy intake
• Exercise responsiveness
• Circadian rhythms
• Inflammation
DNA Sport
• The genetic influence on endurance and
power performance
• The impact of SNPs on recovery
• Tendon injury and inflammation
DNA Oestrogen
• A functional medicine approach to the management of
oestrogen related disorders
DNA Mind
• Neurodegenerative disorders – mild cognitive decline &
late onset Alzheimer’s disease
• Mood disorders – Depressive disorder, bipolar disorder,
anxiety disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder
• Addictive behaviour – Risk for alcohol, nicotine, cannabis
& opioid dependence, psychosis response from cannabis
use, eating disorders (binge eating), ‘adrenaline seeking’/
risk-taking behaviour
DNA Skin reports on the following areas:
• Regulation of collagen formation and breakdown, giving
insight into the firmness and elasticity of the skin
• Sun sensitivity & pigmentation
• Sun damage, protection & repair mechanisms
• Protection from oxidative stress
• Detoxification & inflammation, giving insight into general
skin sensitivity
Our Educators: 

 Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood Dr. Michele is a trained Doctor of Osteopathy; Dr. Mark is a trained Naturopathic doctor. The Sherwood’s have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute; also a television program; as well as provide resources, including their two best-selling books, “The Quest for Wellness” and “Fork Your Diet”, nutrition plans, fitness instructional videos, and helpful mental and emotional steps to provide relief from stress and to help people form better habits so they can live well. As research has evolved the two doctors have started working more with DNA testing and now they include DNA tests as an integrated part of their functional medicine treatment strategies. They have experience with hundreds of DNA tests and have seen how the results of these have made huge impacts on their patient outcomes. They now wish to share their experiences with other practitioners and teach foundational information about Nutrigenetics as well as clinical pearls of wisdom. Mark and Michele are experienced motivational and educational speakers whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide.

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