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dnalife® ONLINE Certification Course - REFRESHER - NO tests included June 2022

Genetic testing

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An Introduction to Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics

Online course includes a combination of guided self-study, estimated to be 18 hours, plus 6 live online sessions (totalling 8 hours live webinars) with the dnalife® educators. 

Practitioner education is key to the incorporation of genetic testing into clinical practice. This online dnalife® education course will help equip you with the necessary knowledge to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions, essential for the responsible integration of DNA testing into clinical practice. Become a dnalife® Accredited Practitioner and be part of our global network.

You will be introduced to the concept of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics and applying this science in practice. The course provides important information around the genes and underlying principles of our core DNA tests, increasing your understanding and confidence to use these tests in your practice.

Modules Included:

Introduction to Genetics

DNA Health: Genetics of key biochemical processes governing health & disease (Lipid Metabolism, Methylation, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Detoxification, Bone Health, Insulin Resistance, Food responsiveness, Vitamin Metabolism)

DNA Oestrogen: Key biochemical processes governing Oestrogen Metabolism

DNA Diet: Genetics of Weight Management

DNA Sport: Genetics of Exercise Performance

DNA Mind: Genetics and Mental Health

Medcheck: Pharmacogenomics

Multiple choice questions to be completed after each Module.

CPD accredited.

Healthcare Practitioners will be accredited with dnalife® upon completion of this course and will be able to use the dnalife® tests in their practice as well as become part of our referral network.

Date & Times for the live  sessions:  

Saturday 4th June - 8.30am - 10.00am

Wednesday 8th June - 17.00pm - 19.15pm

Saturday 11th June - 8.30am - 9.30am

Wednesday 15th June - 17.00pm - 18.00pm

Saturday 18th June - 8.30am - 9.30am

Wednesday 22nd June - 17.00pm - 18.00pm

Location: Live

Language: English 


The Educators:

Helen Gautschi, RD

Sasha Maggs, MSc (Med) Hum Gen

Jessica Pieterse, RD

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